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2 months ago

Staff Application

Interested In joining darklandmc Staff Team?
Apply Today we are all ways looking for new staff members to join our team.
Make sure you meet the requirements



- Must be 13+

- Must be active in DarkLandMC.

- Must be somewhat knowledgeable with the server and helpful to others.

- Must not go inactive without notice.


- Help players with their day-to-day questions.

- Investigate small-scale griefs and report findings to moderation.

- Relay any important information to the staff team that may have been overlooked.

- Be observant for any rule violations in the server and report those to the Moderators as needed.

- Use tempmutes and clearchat to quickly resolve any chat infractions.

- Record any actions taken as staff (ex: warnings and tempmutes) in the Discord staff actions log channel

- Optionally vote and give opinions on canon role applications.



Must be 14+

- Demonstrate proficiency in coding plugins for Spigot / Paper.

- Experience in MySQL and Git.

- Familiarity with Minecraft server hosting.


- Assist with setting up special events.

- Develop plugins, minigames, and project solutions for server use.

- Test and debug errors within a self-provided test/development environment.

Architect (Builder)


- Demonstrated proficiency with World Edit.

- Must not use their access to unfairly advantage their gameplay or the gameplay of others.

- Must not significantly alter official builds without Head Builder or Admin approval.

- Must not use elevated permissions to unfairly advantage own gameplay or the gameplay of others.

- Active in the server, and not inactive for more than 3 months without notice.

- All other Apprentice Builder Requirements.


- Take on projects as directed.

- Assist the Events team with building assets for server events as needed.

- Assist with migrating official server assets to their designated locations in the main server map.



- Mature

- Good behaviour

- Must have experience

- No reports in 

- Have minecraft & discord

- Follow discord & minecraft ToS.

Still interested click here.

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