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[1] Be nice and respectful to other members.

[2] Follow Discord Terms of Service & Community Guidelines: &

[3] Advertising of any kind is not allowed on this server (this includes DMs as well).

[4] Do not post any personal information

[5] Use the appropriate channels.

[6] Don't be an idiot; have common sense.

[7] No NSFW content

[8] No discussing brute forcing or comping accounts

[9] Do not use selfbots (especially giveaway autojoiners - which they auto join for you). It's against Discord ToS and you're going to be banned if you do.

[10] Do not spam chat. (this includes emojis)

[11] No racism

[12] No spamming with bots.

[13] Do not complain if you get a punishment by a staff member. (if you have a issue with a punishment please open a ticket.)

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